University Values

SAR: University Values

The Scholars at Risk Network invites submissions to University Values: a global bulletin and blog on academic freedom, and the first of its kind around the world. University Values is an electronic bulletin and guest blog featuring articles, essays, opinion pieces and announcements promoting discussion and understanding of university values, including values of access, accountability, academic freedom, autonomy and social responsibility. The impetus for the bulletin grew out of a series of workshops that the Scholars at Risk facilitated around the world over the past several years. Time and again, workshop participants expressed the need for a greater sharing of information across national boundaries about urgent conditions as well as best practices to help strengthen respect for university values everywhere.

Previous editions of the bulletin can be viewed at:

If you are interested in becoming involved in the activities of SAR Ireland Section, please contact Anthony Soares, Universities Ireland Secretary at  Tel: +44 28 3751 1559.