Universities Ireland condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine

Universities Ireland strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and all territorial occupations in contravention of international law.

The people of the island of Ireland are steadfast supporters of democracy and the protection of human rights.  The universities of the island contribute to this by championing freedom of speech, academic freedom, respect for peoples, respect for democratically constituted governments, and international cooperation and the end of all unlawful occupations.

We maintain these values in peace and now in war.  

Universities Ireland and all those we represent express our unwavering support and solidarity with all institutions, employees, and students within the higher education sector in Ukraine. 

Our message is directed not at the people of Russia, many of whom have demonstrated against this war on their Ukrainian neighbours, but at the Putin regime.  We support all Russian institutions of higher education that promote peace, conflict resolution, collaboration, and unequivocally oppose the acts of war in Ukraine.