Universities Ireland North South Scholarships 2017 Awarded

The call for applications opened in February and was advertised on the CCBS and UI websites, the CCBS e-zine, twitter and via a number of email lists.  There were fifty two applications and twelve of those were shortlisted.  4 scholarships of €15,000 have been awarded:

Miceal Canavan , Derry –Miceal is a University of Cambridge Law graduate. He is commencing a M. Sc. in International Politics at Trinity College Dublin.  This course focuses on how states collaborate with one another at an international level and how this reflects and shapes their domestic politics.  Due to Brexit and instability at Stormont, the all-Ireland political relationship will be reshaped over the course of the next 5 – 10 years and Miceal plans to contribute by identifying and analysing the critical challenges, developing potential solutions and participating in the ongoing public debate.

Helen Stonehouse, Dublin – Helen is a psychology graduate from the Open University in Ireland and a Classics graduate from Trinity College Dublin. She is commencing a MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis in Queen’s University Belfast.  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the application of the science of behaviour. It is a scientific approach to solving socially significant issues. It has become a well-established treatment for autism, and is used to teach socially significant behaviours and reduce challenging behaviours.  Helen shall research variations in Applied Behaviour Analysis services in home and community settings across the island of Ireland. Specifically, she will investigate the relationship between knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis and attitudes towards it as a treatment for autism. I will seek to establish perceptions of Applied Behavior Analysis and the importance of evidence based practice in the treatment of autism.

Mary Hassan,Derry – Mary is a Common & Civil Law with Hispanic Studies graduate form Queen’s University Belfast. She is commencing a MSc in World Heritage Conservation at University College Dublin(PT).  This MSc focuses on international protections, biodiversity, conservation and sustainability practices.  It teaches in such a way that the international instruments take centre stage, which is going to be incredibly important going forward after Brexit.

Mary will be researching into natural heritage sites, biodiversity concerns and matters of sustainability that cross borders.  With Brexit coming into play, and thereby one side being protected by European environmental legislation and the other not covered by its protections, it is more important than ever to explore what international legislative instruments and options we have on a cross border basis which could potentially be evoked.

Seán Fearon, Newry – Seán is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics graduate from Queen’s University Belfast.  He is commencing a MA in International Political Economy at University College Dublin and decided to commit himself to the study of political economy which will transform my personal understanding of this field of study and its relevance as a field of study which promises to illuminate and assuage so much of the pressing concerns held by my own community in the ‘border corridor’, and indeed the entire island. The International Political Economy course at UCD offers comprehensive training in wedding the two indivisible elements of political science and economics together, and provides instruction in how to apply this thinking to an all-island context.